David Ruis gehört zu den »Vätern« der neueren Lobpreis- und Anbetungsbewegung. In diesem Buch legt er sehr grundsätzliche Fundamente für den Dienst eines Anbetungsleiters, aber auch für die Rolle der Anbetung für die Kirche von heute und in der Welt von heute. »Dieses Buch ist mehr als eine praktische Handreichung. Es ist eine grundsätzliche Herausforderung auch für Pastoren und Gemeindeleiter«. Eine ausführliche englische Besprechung des Buches hier:

Revelation is something that must not only be received by the mind, but lived in the present reality of our bodies and spirits. In »The Worship God Is Seeking«, pastor, worship leader and songwriter, David Ruis takes this difficult road of attempting to connect theology and passionate service. He succeeds wonderfully! This is a book that should be read by everyone, not just pastors and worship leaders and musicians. This is a prophetic message for all of us in the Body of Christ.

In the first 3 chapters, Ruis examines God-centered devotion in which the centrality of the Cross, the foundation of God's love, the necessity of the power of the Spirit, and the essential gathering of the community of Christ are the basis of »The Worship God is Seeking«. As the chapters continue, David argues convincingly that true worship will be a journey not only marked by discovering God more fully as the fuel of all things »spirit and truth«, but the center of creativity itself, as initiated by His actions at the creation of the universe. He goes on to link our relational connection to God as »Abba Father« as an important truth in unlocking authenticity and freedom in worship, not just in our culture, but around the globe.

But do not think the book aspires to some unreachable utopia. Ruis takes careful aim to ground his theological outline (which is heavily influenced by theologians N.T. Wright and Don Williams) in a lifetime of personal experience. Ruis's constant call in this book is for the church to focus on God, remember the community of Christ and show the fruit of worship through the fragrance of justice.

On the whole, this book is substantially more challenging to pastors and leaders than a simple book on worship. On practical terms, he covers everything from the place of artists and musicians in our churches to the importance of expectation in our gatherings. But this book is not really a practitioners guide as much as it is a prophetic challenge to the church. It is a distinct call to complete surrender to Christ, who has done all that is needed for worship, and an ongoing welcome to those who would walk in step with the advancing kingdom of God as we become participants that »let justice roll«. (Kim Gentes, Worshipmusic.com).

David Ruis: The Worship God is seeking. Regal Books 2004. 150 Seiten. $ 12,99.

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