If your church is introducing contemporary worship into what has been a traditional setting – or – if you’re already striking up the praise band, we’ve solicited the advice of an expert to offer some practical guidance.

Carl Albrecht, a professional drummer for over 30 years, is an accomplished session man and producer, having worked with a wide range of Christian and pop artists, a group diverse enough to include LeAnn Rimes, John Tesh and many Integrity Music artists. He will join Shure this year, leading workshops at Seminars4Worship.

In Part I of our series on drums in worship, we asked Carl to talk to us about praise and performance.

Autor: Carl Albrecht

Jahr: 2000

Update: 17.11.2000

weitere Infos: https://thechristiandrummer.wordpress.com/2007/01/13/grace-notes-tips-from-drummer-carl-albrecht/

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