"There's no doubt about it. It's the most common single issue that crops up among the many worship teams I've talked to: conflict between worship team and church leadership. It gets expressed in a variety of ways: "the vicar insists on choosing all the hymns... our pastor doesn't believe in worship leaders... the leadership team never give us any direction... we're never given space to try out new things". These and many other comments are the staple of worship team discussions up and down the land. So if you can identify with this, don't feel it's unique to your church!

Why is the relationship between worship teams and church leadership so often fraught with tension? Of course, the reasons are many and varied. It can be due to a basic personality clash, or perhaps a marked difference of theological perspective. It can be rooted in jealousy, rebellion, or the symptom of a power struggle. Or it can just be plain old misunderstanding, a lack of communication, or a lack of sensitivity. But, whatever the cause, is there anything we can do about it? (...)"

Autor: Stuart Townend

Jahr: 2006

Update: 06.04.2006

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