Using solo instruments to lead worship is not a new concept. In the early 18th century, Johann Sebastian Bach led worship at Weimar from the pipe organ. During the early part of the 20th century, Charles M. Alexander broke new ground in evangelical music with the inclusion of the improvisational piano styles of Robert Harkness and Henry Barraclough during his evangelistic meetings. At the same time, Alexander was sanctifying the piano for use in church, Billy Sunday’s soloist/song leader, Homer Rodeheaver, was becoming famous playing his trombone during congregational singing.1 In his early years with Billy Graham, Cliff Barrows followed Rodeheaver’s model on the trombone. In spite of these models, even worship leaders with strong instrumental skills tend to neglect the solo instrument as a worship leading tool.

Autor: Barry Wilson

Jahr: 2000

Update: 14.04.2000

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