"Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!" shouts Ed Sullivan. Immediately the audience of mostly teenage girls begin to spontaneously combust into deafening applause, lifting of hands, jumping up and down, some even fainting or screaming to the point of ecstatic tears.

Whether you saw it for the first time on The Ed Sullivan Show back in 1964 or you have seen the replays of that event over the years, there is one thing that can't be overstated. Those fans had a passion and a "love" for The Beatles.

This was not a contrived display of adoration. The audience had not been to a 'worship workshop" to learn the proper and appropriate outward expressions of giving their praise to The fab four. This was not something that was "taught". This was real, honest, raw, abandoned....a lot of what we hear and look for in our modern worship events.

Autor: Paul Baloche


Update: 14.04.2006

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